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2011-05-18 01:49:56 An incest birthday chapter 15 Once again, great story. Also, I dont think she is to obsessed, she's just in love. I cant wait for the next chapter.
p.s. i once read a story very similar to this but on the last chapter he killed the main character to basically put a stop to the story please dont ever do this your story is to well written and heart warming to have a tragic ending
2011-06-17 12:54:19 I POO IN MY PANTS While incredibly kinky, I think your story was very well written. People who give this story a bad rating simply dont like the fetish. From the title you should understand what this story is about and stay away from it if it isn't your cup of tea. While not my fetish of choice, I still give this story a high rating and hope to see more from the author.