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2011-03-16 12:07:00 Harry Potter And the Ring Of Salazar Part 4 Harr will get some power to again.., at some point he also the first who's gonna fuck Granger
and for my grammar... i not english but french... i write in english so more people could read what i write... i could have write this all in french but would you've been able to read it at all...

Also i up to taking suggestion for the stories but i have what is comming already in my mind... but i'm ready to fit in some of my readers fantasy... from those who don't mind reading my bad Grammar story

I got a lot of chapters coming and the ring will change owners... and Hermione will be fuck by Harry's first as it seems every body's wanted this
2012-07-25 13:22:28 Harry Potter and the Ring of Salazar part 9 i writing the next chapter this week... check soon