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2011-03-16 02:53:07 Betty so like where was the cannibalism in this now
2011-04-01 12:40:48 Dream come true: How it all started not bad does need a little work on grammar and such but i want to hear part two try and proof read this or have some one do it for you before u post it still an all around good story does isabella have a younger sister i wonder?
2011-04-14 02:07:18 Twins, Ch 3 Wonderful loved it all where is chapter 4
2011-06-13 02:37:14 symbiotic sex plant part two PLEASE write a third!
2011-06-13 02:50:35 Chicken Chicken i didnt understand the ending to this story and to the person who put his words in all caps dude u need to learn how to spell