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2011-03-26 23:25:09 Audrey My Daughter Ch. 02 Ok, to the people who keep saying things about grammar or spelling, it's the fricking internet! No one but you cares! Just enjoy the fricking story and be done with it!

And to the people who keep saying things about Katie and Audrey getting pregnent, you do realize that it hurts for the women which will make them complain and groan about it pissing the dad off and he'll hate them for it. Then you'll have two little babys running around crying and complaining and the two girls complaining about the babies and the dad will kill himself. Happy now?
2011-04-23 19:40:54 Daddy's Little Girlfriend Okay, great story! I liked it! Now, the peeing was awkward and some of it was alittle weird but good none the less! Now for every idiot and jerkwad who did negative about it being incest you ll need to read because it says right up in there that it's incest! So don't be a big bitch about it and don't read it!