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2011-04-28 04:02:00 A rape during the night to: Anonymous reader
2011-01-15 08:03:14

obviously your ether stupid, blind, and or just skipped 2 the good part
"I was naked and was in no mood to actually put real pajamas on so i just slipped on one of my silk pajamas"
read it and u shall see what they are aculey talking about
2011-04-30 10:56:36 OMFG!!!! this is one of the most amazing stories iv read on here thus far i give 10/10 this is exactly the kind of storie i was looking for one were they would end up together in sted of separating like all the others iv read
2011-06-17 14:02:56 Waht Daddy Needs 8 i don't mind the whole incest thing how ever i normally don't read ones were the child and parent are in a relation ship i would of liked it more if u would of left out the little brother that she took care of when his mom took off / died i forget what happened to her but aside from that awesome story good writing and plez write one more i want to see how they proceed with the whole thing
(and yeah i care more about the story then the sex lol)
2011-06-17 15:32:16 Weekend Daughter interesting story not what i was expecting but still good and very interesting i do feel bad for Krissy and her dad(Bob) she looked young but how was he supposed to know unless he asked for an ID or a drivers license there are a lot of people who look younger and or older then they really are it wouldn't be unbelievable to some one that she was of age.
i personally know a few girls who are19 who look like they are only 15 and i know for a fact they are 19
2011-06-18 22:44:18 Taking HIs Sister nice story keep it up.
and as for the guy/girl/person below me if u got a story post it don't leave 5 different comments telling your story