Comments from Desiree

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2011-04-07 00:05:28 The Little Mermaid (Part 1) thankyou for your support i hope to work on part 2 soon. a little nervous lol :)
2011-03-30 01:57:52 you are a very talented writter i loved how the sex was never repetative or borring it kept you constantly aroused and in suspense for what would happen next
2011-03-30 02:19:24 A little reminder of boyfriends past.... i enjoyed the story :)
2011-04-07 15:04:40 The Kingdom ch. 01 i loved the story your a great writer and really build up the suspense and emotions to this story. if i had one complaint at all it would be how the queen begged him to fuck her. seemed to dampen the forbidden being forced kind of theme other wise loved the story :)
2011-04-07 16:59:39 The Little Mermaid (Part 1) yes i agree 6icequeen9 it would be hot if eric rapes arial. i have just chosen to do it in part 2 for 2 reasons. one vanessa has him bewitched meaning shes in control so she can get him to do anything and that means longer hotter scenes & 2 i want to respect the original story by not changing the characters personalities. eric is a good guy and therefore wont hurt anyone unless he doesnt know any better. i beleive changing the characters cheapens the experience and you should allways respect a good story.