Comments from loveable_guy

Date Story title Comment
2011-03-31 07:39:33 The Transformation.. Spellchecked version This story is too hard to read, Paragraphs are too long. It may be a nice story, but it was agonizing after the first 2 par. Break it up, or add dialogue.
2011-03-31 07:49:51 Alice's Trip To The Doctor~ Sorry, this story started out with promise, then ended raggedly. It can be improved. Think about it.
2011-03-31 08:22:27 Never Shame the Family - Final Chapter I agree with the others, take this story ouit and redo the ending. You might want to think about sex reassignment to make it better. BUT, the death row thing, really sucks.
2012-01-21 12:19:37 MOM WANTS TO BE MY CUM BUCKET! - CHAPTER 4 Only 2 problems that I see, other than that, a very nice story. !. Put a space between the paragraphs for easier reading. 2. Only my personal thoughts..the sis should be younger, 10 not 13. Other than that, not a bad story.
2013-01-04 05:44:58 Sister's Surprise, Capter 2 3 main important things to remember.
1 is this a transgendered story, or a story about incest?
2.a clitty should be a small cock, not an 8 inch monster.
3 stay with the subject at hand, and put a space between paragraphs.

I have a 1 inch cock, and know better.