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2011-04-02 11:47:22 My Sisters First hi very good story very believable way you wrote it --write more stories
2011-11-30 11:05:05 mother and son part 8 hi kelly,---hell of a story--wish i were your son --although i would have used at least 2 chapters for licking your pussy-shure do like to like to lick pussy almost more than fucking --i always like to lick for an hour at least before any penetration because i cum much to fast---and i love to give my partiner a lot more pleasure--just could not stop reading your story--still don't know what happned to chapter 6 though shue did love the rest of the story though--all though i thought there was too much cock sucking and not nearly enough pussy licking--keep up the good work --love to hear from you if you have a spare moment ---loved you story
2011-12-02 22:54:29 Please Fuck Me Son! pt 2 hi--loved your story ---loved the way your son licked your pussy--he should have licked it much longer though--storys were a little short but they were right to the point--make them a little longer next keep writing you very good at it---wish i were your son