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2011-10-22 16:16:15 Coping with Retirement, part 4 - Lettie's Brother OK thanks for the previous comments, I'll try and feature John and perhaps other boys some more then. ATM eldest sister Vicki is on course to be the star of the next chapter...
2011-10-25 10:03:16 Is there much interest in the pictures of the characters?

Just wondering if they're worth putting time into, before I do Vicki and Seeta?
2011-10-25 12:22:16 To the anonymous moralist below, all the characters in my stories are sexually developed. There is no paedophilia at all. The stories go out of their way to make this clear.

The boy has been having erections, wet dreams, and feeling-up sessions with his friends. The girl is nearly 13 and has been masturbating for a long time.

And the men don't touch them anyway.

So IMO it's YOU who's being unethical, rushing to judgement without reading the full story.
2011-10-25 17:37:07 Tune me in Stark2468

The theme is teen girls saving people with great, affectionate sex.

They save the retiree (who returns the favour by showing Janie & Lettie great sex with a man), then the pubescent boy from his anxieties, and now the uptight, judgmental frigid older sister.

The story is told, this chapter especially, with a good deal of humour,

Did you read it too fast, or what??
2011-10-26 15:24:28 Coping with Retirement, part 1 - I Build It, and a Girl Comes There are later episodes :)

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