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2011-12-12 02:30:58 Coping with Retirement, part 5 - Sibling Rivalry You wouldn't have a chapter just to introduce a relatively minor character though. He's explained by being a teacher at the school all of them go to and the way the story is about that exact kind of thing; then the story has to keep moving. I think your expectations are a bit out of kilter with the storyline tbh.

Anyway glad to have had your interest, if I do any more on this story maybe I'll flesh him out a bit, as it were.
2011-12-22 12:37:40 Haha very funny and cleverly written! More please.
2013-05-31 17:35:54 Life Never Fades This is a very beautiful story.
2013-06-11 11:58:42 Cassie Wow terrific writing. Class.
2013-06-13 12:50:03 Girls In My Shed Thanks sofman, very generous of you.