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2013-06-27 16:27:34 My Little Secret - I You twit T&A, why didn't you explain? And why are you getting annoyed with people who thought they were defending you??

That's quite a blokish reaction for a woman...
2013-07-14 05:08:23 Birthday Treat for Birthday Girl ! It's a bit unsettling but very original. Strong story.
2013-09-08 17:11:26 Times in my Life: Part Three Lovely storytelling, very involving and a great read :)
2013-10-26 19:51:47 Coping with Retirement, part 5 - Sibling Rivalry The next chapter is up now, after a long break. You can reach it through my profile link at the top of the page.

Thanks for your comment, below. I didn't realise the teacher was going to be controversial tbh, I thought Lettie bossing him about was quite fun lol, anyway he's dropped from Chapter 6. Part of his function was to make it so urgent that Vicki join in, I should mention too.
2013-10-28 10:32:31 Coping with Retirement 6 - Girl Rescue Thanks for that great comment (3 below), very motivating :)