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2013-06-15 09:37:34 Girls In My Shed Most guys would feel the same mate, below. But then, would the girls have helped themselves to you?? :))

Cos it's about relationships, and how the main character, while being inoffensive and unassertive, nevertheless ends up with everything because the girls and Sheila LIKE him. The girls wouldn't have behaved like that with anyone at all macho, like the boys at school. Nick is someone who is fulfilled by providing a service to others (doing up the shed, eating pussy). He settles for being what he is, and that is the key to his success.
2013-06-15 19:06:08 Girls In My Shed Thanks lolaheiress I meant to say, and Diego, interesting comments. More dialogue during sex I'll definitely think about, and I agree in hindsight I wish I'd done a little bit more with Sheila. She's not sexy tho lol. No part 2 sorry this was its natural end, but you can imagine them all having a great time for a long time :) Now I have to think of a new story...
2013-06-16 18:55:07 Girls In My Shed Thanks for the support, Anons. Yeah no cocksucking sorry, the girls wouldn't as there's nothing in it for them; his cock is just for their pussies hehe. Sheila is post-menopause at 58 so I couldn't see a sexy role for her, tho I see what you mean. But her role in the story is not to need sex with him, really, and to add some naughty secrecy to the proceedings :)
2013-06-18 03:25:39 Girls In My Shed Oh OK (below) very cool, good to know, well one of us really should write about that! You, I would say, since tbh I lack that depth of experience :))
2013-06-18 15:12:35 Girls In My Shed Thanks 3210launch, glad you enjoyed it. Yes this one is going to be hard to follow!