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2011-08-07 11:30:24 Coed's Slave Girl Fantasy Fabulous story! How has been so unappreciated???

Talk about pearls before swine :))
2011-09-05 05:15:08 I love the way you tell the story. For me personally I'd be wary of letting the mind control theme take charge of the story, as it gets harder to suspend my disbelief and there's less suspense when the hero can do just anything. My 2c :)

For spellchecking I just use Chrome browser and check in the site editor after pasting.

Very enjoyable!
2011-09-08 11:04:09 Rebecca Chapter 01 Heh, terrific writing! Not my genre normally but so well done I really enjoyed it.
2011-09-24 12:20:57 Coping with Retirement, part 1 - I Build It, and a Girl Comes Thanks for your comments everyone. Chapter 2 is just getting under way.

Daddy's Vengeance series - in my mind that was concluded, and the ratings and no. of comments seemed to point that way too. other readers think it still has somewhere to go? I originally meant to stop after Ch3, then after Fruition, so now after Ultimate... :))
2011-09-28 09:57:52 Sorry about the italics, everyone - formatting cockup, I've asked the mods to fix it :)