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2011-04-07 03:54:29 Me and Kayla good point. I assume she'd never seen a penis with lust before. And I was hoping to make this a series. Any thoughts?
2011-04-07 06:21:26 Me and Kayla if you have read, please comment on what you think of it. Thank you.
2011-04-07 19:12:16 Me and Kayla Actually, I had quiet a few friends who were virgins whose parents wanted them on the pill. I think it is the equivalent of a boy recieving a condom to keep in his wallet, just in case.
2011-04-09 03:28:39 Me and Kayla I said SINCE we were both ten. SINCE. We're sixteen in the sotry, not ten. I'm not a pervert...well, at least not like that. I suppose I am writing on a sex site...but still!
2011-04-09 03:30:34 Me and Kayla Okay guys, I have writers block. Tell me what you want from the next one. I hope to have some anal in there, but I want opinions from y'all. Also, how do you feel about threesomes, as two of my commenters suggested?