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2011-04-11 20:29:39 THE SIBLINGS chapter 2, Opening moves @Happy Rabbit
I completely agree, except for the amputee thing. Not my thing, but still. This *does* make other stories less interesting. Be warned though, each chapter has a bit more sex than the last; just so you won't be caught off guard.
2011-04-11 20:32:40 Me and Kayla Guys, I hate to say it, but I will not be uploading any more of these for a while. I'm a little tied up posting 'The Siblings' by Michael K. Smith. They're not really porn, so much as a love story with erotic undertones, but they've become popular. So, sorry, no new ones for a while.
2011-04-13 12:35:25 The Siblings: Chapter 3, Patty Really? And see, this is my least favorite part.
2011-04-14 11:27:08 The Siblings: chapter 4, The First Time What's wrong with the story? I don't see you writing any better.
2011-04-16 21:17:22 The Siblings: Chapter 3, Patty I know. It was a mistake. I shouldn't have put it in jokes.