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2011-07-09 16:39:13 Bon Appe'tit Ch.1 I wasn't sure how long I had been on the table, maybe an hour or so. Suddenly the machine works stopped

I would have been laughing if they were using it for milk and cookies

I read on close but no cigar X3

I could hear utensils and pots and pans. I guess I was still dripping because some one reached up and dabbed my nipple with a napkin.

This is like the funniest thing I ever heard

. I felt a slight pat of his hand on the side of my breast like he was thanking me for coming through.

The funniest.

The crepes were finished but before they were served each plate was raised up to one of my breasts and some fresh sweet milk was squirted on them.

I wonder if people would do that with sperm in real life too go through all that trouble.

I hope the prince comes for her I hope she makes love to the owner.
2011-08-27 00:44:05 Janet Goes to the Drive In Amazing I love it I hope Janet ends up with John.
2011-08-27 01:44:46 The New Janet Meets John John's sorta cold...It says this is a true story.
2011-08-27 02:09:21 Janet's Homecoming That red headed woman is his mom right? Johns mom?
2012-02-06 23:29:34 "one lucky day" part one It was very original