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2011-04-11 23:41:50 my redhead sister really you must read alot of stuff
2011-04-11 23:42:55 my redhead sister...part 2! who read the story to you?
2011-05-07 23:12:11 fucking my sister in law look man, reading sex stories for grammar , is like watching porn for acting..just saying..
2011-05-23 04:03:31 gay sauna sex times 7 well depends where u r from- where im from it is in FACT like that=glad u enjoyed it.
2011-06-06 00:47:32 jessica visits daddy I am sorry for the crappy posting-the site screwed it up, and published it this way-will repost it shortly :) does anyone know how to delete a story?

thanks for compliments, the second post will be way better !