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2013-02-08 07:47:10 Eternal Darkness: Chapter Seven Okay, so here is the story, I (Mishikail) am a bit of a dumb blonde... the fact that I tried cleaning captius's computer desk and accidentally knocked over his laptop is proof positive. We were just about to go through the final read through and I broke his laptop. We took it in to get fixed only to be told that it was beyond repair. I don't know much about computers but it was bad.... like nearly snapped in two bad. So it took a few days to get word back that it wasn't going to be fixed... I (being the nice person I am and fixing my mistake) bought him a brand new computer to make up for my mistake. I am terribly sorry to everyone for the extended wait but we now have to start over from word one on the next chapter. Once again... I AM VERY SORRY.

Cap asked me to put this in to also make amends: I am an idiot and shouldn't touch another persons work station. Buying a new computer does not make up for my mistake. I am horribly sorry.

Thank you

2013-03-06 06:12:33 Eternal Darkness: Chapter Seven Everyone, I am truly sorry for the long wait between posts. There were some very serious personal issues that needed to be dealt with. You can read the full explanation on the new chapter.

FYI: Mish and I are not actually dating or even actually having sex. We are currently just old friends working on a project, so you have nothing to fear. We can't break up so there is no need to worry about this story being dumped lol
2013-03-06 08:02:09 Past to Present Crap, I didn't even catch that. Sorry and thanks for pointing it out. Autocorrect can only go so far lol.
2013-03-07 07:43:15 Eternal Destiny: Chapter One Thank you everyone for the best wishes. Mish here. Cap told me he posted the chapter and I wanted to see how it was being received, and seeing all your messages really made me smile. It's been a hard time lately but you all really perked me up. And not to worry, Cap is really taking care of me. He's the best friend I could ask for, and honestly I am glad he rebuffed my sexual advances a few months ago because this is what I really needed right now from him.
As for the story, I am doing my best to get back to my normal self and I would like to get another chapter done in a week or so. Don't worry, we will keep you updated this time.

Thank you all once more.
2013-03-13 19:13:21 Eternal Destiny: Chapter One Update:
Currently working on the next chapter, but have no time frame on when it will be finished. Mishi is doing her best but I'm making sure she does other things other than just helping me get this next chapter out. As it stands it is currently around 40% done. Sorry for the extended waits everyone, but it's just the way it is.