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2013-03-15 09:29:05 Eternal Destiny: Chapter One Update:

Just pulled an all nighter with Mish, and got quite a bit done on the story. Next chapter should be posted before the weekend. Just note that the all nighter was not just about writing, we kind of got side tracked in some games as well. We are still working on the story though.
2013-03-16 23:52:59 Eternal Destiny: Chapter Two We're sorry you have lost interest in this series, but thank you for reading up until this point. It's doubtful you would come back to read any replies to your comment, but for the others reading this that feel the same way I would like to make a few things clearer.
1) The other Masters and Daughters refer to Lillin as being Richard's master for the simple fact that in a sense she is, even if she can't take him on as the Son of Wind and Lightning. She is watching over his training and helping him along with what little knowledge of Roku she has.
2) Richard's Light Magic is fed by his emotions, so helping him become a calmer and more mellow person it can alleviate some of the strain he has been feeling from the darker side to his power. As for controlling it completely, well that is actually covered a little later on so stay tuned if you want.
2013-03-16 23:58:44 Eternal Destiny: Chapter Two Cont:
3) Magic 101 and reason in a magical sense? Magic doesn't exist (or possibly only to a very small portion) as it does in books, comics, movies, and video games. Sure, there are certain guidelines that one could follow when writing about it, but there really is no set rules in place. The reason for this is because magic would break every physical law we humans abide by in our daily lives. If someone can create a flame in the palm of their hands from nothingness or imbue their bodies with magical powers to increase physical strength, speed, and other such things than everything about our world would be a lie in a greater sense. You can read or watch different stories that contain magic and find discpreincies in how the power acts and how it comes into existence.

If I can say one thing it would be that this is an unfinished story and you really only have a portion of all the facts up till this point.

2013-03-18 12:56:35 Eternal Destiny: Chapter Two Update:
We haven't started on chapter three yet, but for future reference we would like to keep the release schedule to a one week period, so basically on the weekends for now. I do realize Cap was releasing one every other day a while back but life has a way of slowing down things.
As it stands right now, I have forbidden him from starting the next chapter until tomorrow at the earliest. I thought he deserved some 'him time' after everything he has done for me, which is a lot. Honestly, he was taking care of me pretty much every day I was unable to myself for nearly a month, so he really deserves a small break from me. Not to fear though, this will not slow down the release of the next chapter.
2013-03-24 15:50:48 Eternal Destiny: Chapter Two Cap is in the process of feverntly rewriting a very large section. Some how he forgot that Richard gave up his bracers to Lillin and as such wrote more than half the chapter under the assumption he still had them. We are sorry for this but we are working very very hard to fix it as soon as possible.