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2013-11-29 02:38:33 Eternal Destiny: Chapter Two I honestly didn't expect to log back onto this site... but Mishi showed me some of the comments and I felt I had to clear up this imposter thing myself.
If it doesn't come from this username, Captius, then it is not me. I have not lost my account, I have not been hacked... and I am not going by another name!
Yes, the Captius on Wattpad is me!
For more information search for stuff from Oblivionthree on this website here. That is the REAL Mishi! She will have information regarding some important things for the continuation of some of my stories that will remain here.
If you have any questions, please send me a private message on Wattpad. I will not answer stuff from here anymore. Keep it private though please.Trying to clean up my image a little lol.

Notes: Me=Captius and not another name.
Mishi=Oblivionthree and not another name
Captius on Wattpad=me... the real Captius on here.