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2012-06-07 18:58:59 Defiance: Chapter Four Yeah that's the narrow minded view of the character who said it. Although Vietnam was considered a Police Action they still got their asses kicked. Same with Korea and the war of 1812 when Canadians burned down the white house.
2012-06-09 05:45:47 Defiance: Chapter Five Shit, I totally forgot to put in the note this:

If anyone can find the little easter egg I left in this chapter for you, you will get 10 points! What do these points do? Absolutley nothing! But it's a fun little exercise none the less.

*HINT: Name in a show
2012-06-09 23:03:55 Defiance: Chapter Five Very correct, but then she went nuts and tried to kill Sam and Deans mother in the past... but yeah. One of my friends told me that the name I was using for a character was the same in Supernatural. I had never seen the show before so I checked out the episode with Anna in it and now I am hooked..watching seven seasons in a week is no easy task!
2012-06-10 19:31:48 Defiance: Chapter Five I am currently working on the sixth chapter right now, I hope to have it posted tomorrow at the very latest.
2012-06-11 21:11:22 Defiance: Chapter Five Yeah I tend to get bored with proofreading something I have just finished writing. I like to get them out as quick as possible so sitting back and waiting for a day until I can read what I have done gets in the way. But I will do my best I know it can break some of the immersion.

I am almost finished the sixth chapter and should have it posted in a few hours if I am lucky.