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2012-06-12 02:12:33 Defiance: Chapter Six Yes in the original version there is no sex but I do mention that they spend the night together on many occasions. Basically in the original text there is no explicit words or sex scenes, more of a fade to black kind of thing.
Amy does get pregnant at the end of the first book just like she did here because their daughter is the main character of the next book

As for when it will actually be published, well I don't really know. I am currently rewriting the first book for the third time trying to hammer out the story so it flows better and the second one hasn't even been started yet. I am not in talks with a publisher or even contacted one. I'm actually thinking of doing something different and releasing it free on ITunes and amazon for ereaders and such. It's just an idea I am toying with but I feel in twenty years paper books might just be a thing of the past.Even thought I love them so much they seem to be on the way out as eread sales sky rocket.
2012-06-12 20:00:25 Defiance: Chapter Six If you don't like it than stop readying buddy.
2012-06-12 23:32:37 Defiance: Chapter Six Sorry but the actual writing is no where near completed at this time.
2012-06-15 02:20:57 Defiance: Chapter Eight @Anonymous reader
2012-06-15 01:45:23

Just because you asked I will make it my mission in life to kill every one of those characters off by the end of the series! Mwahahahaha

Just kidding. I can't tell you one way or another what will happen in later chapters so just keep reading :)
2012-06-16 06:21:19 Defiance: Chapter Eight Chapter Nine might be late coming out on the 16th. I've run into a small problem where the story was progressing down a path I didn't really want it to go and I scrapped about 90% of what I had done so far. I'll do my best to get it out on time but just incase I thought I would let you guys know.

Sorry for the invonvience.