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2012-06-27 00:27:05 Defiance: Chapter Eleven Still working on the next chapter, will have it out as soon as it is finished. Sorry for the wait.
2012-07-01 01:14:27 Defiance: Chapter Eleven Yes there will be anothe chapter, I am still currently working on it though. I wasn't happy with where it was headed so I started over again. This happened about four times but I think I am on the right path now so it shouldn't be too much longer. Sorry for the wait.
2012-07-05 04:14:38 Defiance: Chapter Twelve Yes there are only 52 weeks in a year. Trust me I have already done the math before I released this timeline, multiple times and the actual number of years that passed between the first Gate openings and the second Gate openings is 11,232 years. Still a long time eh?
2012-07-13 01:51:39 Defiance: Chapter Thirteen. Conclusion It's possible. I do have some ideas for a short continuation but I just need to take a break from this storyline and recharge my batteries.
2012-07-27 20:18:06 Words: Chapter One Don't worry Defiance isn't done yet. I got so many messages asking me to delve into what happened to Anna and Gabby that I do plan on writting more about it. This story is just where my mind is at now, and the fact that I am currently writting the Official Defiance story I needed something to help me get my mind out of that world for a bit. Gabby and Anna will be back though so fear not.