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2012-08-29 00:47:49 Words: Chapter Three Sorry for the extended wait everyone. It will take a bit longer than I thought to get the next chapter of this story out. Real life keeps getting in the way.
I am working on the fourth chapter of Words as we speak though. I am also working on a final chapter for Defiance since I have recieved so many PMs from people asking for me to delve into what happened next. I plan on putting those both out at the same time and with any luck it will be in the next two weeks.
Most of my time right now is spoken for though as a really close friend of mine is forcing me to slave over adapting and finishing the Defiance storyline for mainstream publication. I haven't forgotten about all of you though and I promise there is more to come for all of you who have stuck with me from the beginning.
2013-01-08 18:55:43 Fate Chapter 1 Thoroughly interesting to read. I can't wait for more! Keep up the good work.
2013-01-17 18:17:10 Eternal Awakening: Chapter Five You're right, in a world of magic the physical laws would shift and conform to what occurs there. Why did I put it in? Not really sure, just kinda felt like it. But keep in mind that Richard wouldn't know that it wouldn't apply to that world and it would be a lot more advanced than what Alyssa has seen that she wouldn't know to point that out.
Good on your for catching that :D
2013-01-19 00:07:36 Eternal Awakening: Chapter Seven Okay, this isn't the end of the story. Just the end of the first part. It says twice that the story and characters are coming back in the sequel, Eternal Darkness....
2013-01-19 08:05:52 Eternal Awakening: Chapter Seven Coni was in the ready room waiting for her match and if she did find out what was going on she wouldn't make it to the palace in time to do anything.