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2012-05-12 18:43:55 Fucking Teagan - part 3 Love the series and I am waiting patiently, or as patient as I can be at least, for the next part. Keep it up!
2012-05-25 05:34:20 A Game of Inches - Part Seven Absolutley love your story telling ability. I hope there is more of this story to come! While some say it needs more sex I would have to disagree. Sometimes substance is more important to a story. You have believable characters and an intriguing situation with Courtney and Brian. I can't wait to see what happens next. Keep up the great work!
2012-06-03 17:53:54 Defiance: Chapter Two The confusion is normal, but don't worry in the third chapter almost everything will be explained. With any luck it should be posted Monday evening, but with a shit ton of luck it could be posted tonight. I will do my best to make it quick either way.
2012-06-04 00:32:29 Defiance: Chapter Two The immortals share the same names as the Greek gods and various other religions, and for a good reason.In this story the people of ancient times saw what they could do and considered them gods, using their names. Through time they change their names, growing bored with the old ones and picking up new ones. Basically they are the reason for most of the ancient religions. People had no other way to explain the things they had seen.
2012-06-06 18:50:08 Defiance: Chapter One I didn't even realize that name was in there. I am sorry for the confusion, at the time of writing the first chapter I was juggling a few other stories at the same time and I guess my brain was a little over worked.