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2011-04-13 06:49:21 Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 1 – 6th Year Begins thanks for the comments guys
yea i didnt mean to underline everything lol, as this was my 1st time, i musta pressed the wrong button
2011-04-14 16:52:09 Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 2 - Cho's Jealousy thank for the kind feeback guys :)
im still pretty new to the story writing so still finding my voice if you know what i mean
and thanks for the suggestions, definately taking your ideas on board and maybe will take them further into the series :)
2011-04-17 16:07:29 Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 4 - Part 2 of 3 - Ron's Reward thanks for all the suggestion guys :)
i'm just starting to get new ideas of where to take this series. got some thoughts for stories which hopefully you'll all enjoy, as well as some major plot twists and turns
2011-04-19 15:04:55 Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 5 - Draco's Plot Hey guys, this should be titled Chapter 4 part 3 of 3, not chapter 5. sorry for the confusion. hope you enjoy the story.
2011-05-12 17:42:40 Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 7 - Draco's Plan Begins well im afraid you couldnt be further from the truth with how you believe this series will develop, and i believe that you will miss out on a great story from now on. thanks for the comment but I cant sit here and take criticism for things I havent done and wont do