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2013-01-07 23:36:35 Innocence and a Bet Good work,wish there was a bit more sex though.
2013-01-27 10:14:14 lesbian desires Thanks to those who have commented in a positive way,I know that a lesbian who rapes straight girls is a bit unrealistic and not every ones cup of tea so to speak,but again I give thanks to those who have enjoyed it,we perverts have to stick together.Krizzy
2013-02-20 01:43:14 lesbian desires So hey Sandrasmith017,while I appreciate your taste in reading,you are underage,please go away.
2013-02-26 13:35:18 lesbian desires Thanks for the kind reviews,and remember to check out the second part of this story,"Lesbian Desire 2",hope you all enjoy.Krizzy
2013-03-13 00:07:58 lesbian desires To those who have posted positive comments,Thank You,to those of you posting negative comments I will now explain this once more.If this story was not to your liking,or you think that I need saved by god,or you are disgusted by the content,don't read it,it's as simple as that,and if you have time to write saying such negativities then explain what you did not like,give a reason for it,not just that it sucks or such.Thank You!!! Krizzy