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2014-04-30 23:30:19 Blurred Lines Defined Seems I got a few negative votes yet no comments to tell me why you didn't like it... Come on folks... Comment...
2012-11-02 00:15:12 Raping Silk Ok 1st thing... Do we really need to spam ppl's stories... Site Admin can't we do something about that??? And 2nd. WOW... over 4000 views on this new story. I am shocked. 4000 in like a few days. Well if you liked Raping Silk there will be a part 2 soon. I had a naughty fantasy of my own so I set it to paper in the form of fun for Silk and Michael and for you my readers... Keep reading and send me love. Mail or on here. No offers tho for anything... Seriously.
2012-11-02 00:19:27 The Party Pt 2 Glad you liked it. I got more coming, just doing a little organizing and revamping to fix broken time lines and confusion since I don't write in order. I am a just go by the seat of my pants type... It will all fit together later. I always "WHIP" it into shape... LOL Thank you to those who are reading and rating and even more to those who send me mail. Some great ideas have come from mails. In fact going to work on one very soon along the lines of Phone Sex Michael style... LOL Promises to be fun. Keep reading... More always coming
2012-12-27 13:07:53 Raping Silk Again do we need to post spam? Also to any who wonder. I am also Mystress Carlie. They wouldn't fix my site like I asked so I had to make this one. Mystress Carlie is me. Faith Michaels is my pen name, always has been so I used it to make this new site...