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2011-04-21 19:25:21 Miss Buttlin Excellent story. You should have came all over her face while she was on the phone.
2011-04-21 20:37:34 Tina the little thief Thanks. I don't write stories for gay dudes. No wonder they voted No.
2011-04-22 00:00:16 The first cherry I broke I wrote it like it happened.
2011-04-22 17:38:48 Tina the little thief What a laugh...tracking my IP address. Be more of a lying faggot, faggot.

I'll write a story next about some dude getting raped by 10 guys with horse'll probably like that.
2011-04-23 11:18:30 The first cherry I broke I imagine we would have been as busted as her hymen!!