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2011-04-27 01:34:14 Brother Fucker - 1 Thank you.
I love getting feedback.
2011-05-01 13:56:58 Brother Fucker - 1 Hey y'all, thanks for all the great comments. I've never let anyone read any of my stories before and I'm glad that someone besides myself is enjoying them. I've got one more chapter I've already written, which I will post as soon as I transfer it from my old computer to my new one.
Thanks again for all the great comments - keep an eye out for more of this story, and check out a few of my other stories.
2012-02-08 02:10:59 Hot!!! Got me hard!!!
2012-02-20 22:22:22 My Young Niece This is hot!!! I'll be watching for part 2...
2012-02-20 22:31:47 My Hot Dorm Mate Drove Me To It ! Had roommates I wanted to do this to... jacked off listening to them do the same... watched them sleep.... but never had the balls to try this..... would love to hear more....