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2011-04-22 23:02:25 Cinema Part 1 No I didn't steal this story, I'm not using my old profile as all my stories accidentally got deleted when I requested for a few of them to be taken down. Yes, the intro is a bit long but it's for a good reason, I wanted to build up a good base for the story, and I know it may seem a bit unrealistic, but it's not, there are people brave enough to go out on a limb like this and if you disagree, I'm sorry, it's a fantasy, and it's my fantasy.
2011-04-24 01:33:51 Hitting The Showers Part 1 My old profile is no longer in use as my all stories accidentally got deleted. So this is the newly edited version.
2011-04-24 21:40:17 Hitting The Showers Part 1 Actually no. If you did your research you'd find that countless species indulge in homosexual relationships, not just humans. What's more natural than that? And isn't the definition of "natural" something that occurs in nature? And since humans are a part of nature surely anything we do can be considered natural. But it's a long debate, please read the tags before you click on a story.
2011-04-28 07:31:29 Hitting The Showers Part 2 Part 3 coming soon. I'm having trouble with it though so any suggestions would help. I'm trying to keep it as convincing as possible but still give it that driving force that short stories need and the smut that you're all here for. I guess i just thought of this story as closed so it's hard to open it up again, if i can't get it right then i won't post it and i'll just move on to my other stories.
2011-04-28 07:43:46 Cinema Part 1 Probably going to wait until i finish part 5 then release them all together. Or else people just ask for a part 2 then never come back to it. If you do want to follow this story however, add me to your favourites because i have high hopes for this series.