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2011-04-28 07:31:29 Hitting The Showers Part 2 Part 3 coming soon. I'm having trouble with it though so any suggestions would help. I'm trying to keep it as convincing as possible but still give it that driving force that short stories need and the smut that you're all here for. I guess i just thought of this story as closed so it's hard to open it up again, if i can't get it right then i won't post it and i'll just move on to my other stories.
2011-04-28 07:43:46 Cinema Part 1 Probably going to wait until i finish part 5 then release them all together. Or else people just ask for a part 2 then never come back to it. If you do want to follow this story however, add me to your favourites because i have high hopes for this series.
2011-04-28 07:54:27 Cute Little Colin Don't be afraid to drag it out, it's not boring so you definately have what it takes to keep the reader interested. Use spell check, it's a god send, lol. But seriously, you need to add more detail or else it's just a brief report, not a story. I won't rate this one as I didn't like the writing but i don't want to discourage you from writing more and improving on it.
2011-05-08 05:54:27 Hitting The Showers Part 2 Yes, but in order to set that up I'd probably have to start part 3 from a completely different perspective. It would seem like it was just stapled to these other two stories and not really flow on from them. But keep checking. You may see part 3 up here soon enough.
2011-05-12 05:43:10 Hitting The Showers Part 2 Hahaa. No, I didn't "Dog" that story, I gave constructive criticism. Which wasn't easy because like I said, it was hard to find exactly the right word to describe what was wrong with it. But I stick to what I said. I didn't say he fucking sucks, I didn't call his work shit, so don't come on here hurling that kind of brainless abuse when it has no point behind it. Besides, if it was so bad why'd you read the second one? His story made me want to stop half way through, let alone read part 2.