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2011-04-30 05:08:00 Hogwarts School for Boys (Revised) I really enjoyed it. Keep going! I can't wait for part two.
2011-04-30 05:13:57 Hogwarts School for Boys (Revised) Sorry about that post I have too many things going on at once and too much cut and paste. I meant to post that message on another story. LOL! I Hope you enjoy my revsion. Thanks!
2011-05-05 01:09:55 Hermione: The Wicked Slut Witch I know my stories are not “by the book”, and yes I have read them and am a fan, this is just a perverted trip down my twisted brain. Open your mind and use your imaginations, don’t get so caught up in the norm sometimes the bizarre can be just as titillating. This is only my opinion and I welcome other views. I love all comments, good or bad, and invite everyone to post one.
17:20:44 You are so right I made Hagrid sound like an idiot. LOL! What can I say? (Shrug) I tried.
2011-05-05 02:23:40 Hermione: The Wicked Slut Witch Thank you so much Fix'm! No worries!
2012-03-23 19:58:02 It's a Family Thing NaughtyPussyCat I adore you and your story, but especially your Pussy. I worship your Pussy. I am forever your fuck slave.