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2011-04-28 10:51:14 Lisa, a Frustrated Young Wife Great story, I watched my wife get a similar massage and get fucked from a stranger on a massage table. It happens more often according to my wife after confiding with her friends. Great time to be a massage guy.
2011-05-03 11:03:26 ME, MY GIRLFRIEND, AND HER BEST FRIEND: PART ONE (COMPLETE) Great story. I have had a similar experience with a friend of my wife. I'll have to write it down and share.
2011-05-17 11:31:55 Reunion at last... Good story there must be some truth to your story, maybe some personal experiences?
2013-01-30 10:02:08 My husband doesn't know I can't believe all of the adverse comments from men who are enjoying the stories on this website. They are the unbelievable ones! Keep up your fun and games. It makes life interesting. I would bet also that your hubby is getting the benefit of a wife that is hornier and more satisfying than before. I am sure that you are now doing to him what has been learned in your extra marital affairs. You go girl!
2013-04-18 10:46:01 How I started (A young girls story) pt 3 Great stories sweetie! Would love to talk to you. We have a lot in common.