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2011-05-04 00:40:44 My step-sister Sara! Ok, I guess I will be writing a part 2 :) So I wrote this in like 4 hours, so next time it will be longer and more about each of their thoughts? Does Sara have a sister? orlder, younger, you decide. I want your opinion on this because I am fairly new :D

And thanks for your 7/10 next time I will try to aim even higher :P
2011-05-04 01:03:28 My step-sister Sara! Stupid thing logged me out, i was: Anonymous reader 2011-05-04 01:02:07
2011-05-04 01:07:24 My step-sister Sara! It was based mostly a true experience, but its fiction because I wrote it on my step-brothers perspective, or what i could guess, and a changed names and some of the things said for obvious reasons :D
2011-05-04 01:16:21 My step-sister Sara! Ghostrider939, Thanks :) and 1000+ reads in one hour o.o I never thought this many people would read it soo quickly... grr, I need to go to bed and this causes wayy too many distractions, lol :P
2011-05-04 07:10:22 My step-sister Sara! Okay, so it seems that almost everyone wants a part 2 :) Yay! So I will start writing this part in a bit, hopefully get it don't tonight or tomorrow morning, I am thinking that I will make it longer, more description, and there might be a friend involved. Look forward to a new one guys :D