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2011-05-09 20:56:01 Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. I already have part II written out; just waiting for the site to let us start posting stories again. There was a security issue I believe.

Once again thanks for reading. I apologize if some parts such as the age seem a little unrealistic, but hey, it was my very first story and it is after all a fictional fantasy. Thanks!
2011-05-11 23:00:02 I'm hot for my older sister The story seemed to lack any background to ease into the sex. It made it feel a bit rushed and unrealistic.
2011-05-12 19:27:56 Thanks to everyone who read the story.

And to answer the question: no, there is no missing paragraph. Sam and the narrator get dressed and it is up to the reader to understand that they dress and headed back to the house, more specifically Sam's room.
2012-08-02 00:51:10 Thanks for all the positive feedback!

I have been working on the story and have part III essentially done, but I want to get more done before I submit anthing else.

I do have a rough outline of what I would like to see happen, but as I fill in the details along the way the story in my head keeps changing directions.

In short, it's very time consuming to take what I see in my head and put it into words that come out as more than just words.

Hope this makes sense!
2012-12-12 01:23:23 Thanks so much guys for the rates and feedback. It is greatly appreciated. Decided to post up part 4 since you guys seemed to enjoy this one so much.
Part 5 is already done, just waiting to see the response I receive from part 4.