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2011-05-27 00:32:31 Just Another Saturday Boy, not sure how to start. Lots I am feeling and could say. You know me with ?s. How'd you find this? Whe/where did you find this? What did you do after you read it? Oh wait. I'm supposed to be telling you how I feel.

Ok hot, excited, curious. aching. Except for the couple of parts you mentioned, the story could be us. Sometimes while I was reading it I was thinking, "Did Doug write it?" I know you could see us that way (well mostly) just as I could.

Couple of things that left me wishing . . .

No mention of him touching her. Still very hot story, but I guess bc I love your touch so much I can't imagine a really hot session w/o you stroking my pussy. Yes more aching as I write about it. Sometimes I like your touch up and down my labia. Then as it builds I love when you focus more right on and around my clit. That's more of a circular motion, and with changing pressure of your touch it makes me wild. Then I love for you to go back to the up and down. OUT OF CHA