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2008-05-08 13:19:51 Roleplay Thank you.

I enjoyed writing the story and it's nice someone has seen fit to post a comment.
This was a first time story for me and I guess,it's good to have received some kind of positive feedback.

Once again..Thank you
2008-06-09 18:24:06 Roleplay Firstly I should like to say, I do appreciate those who have taken the time to comment, whether in the negative or positive, however I would ask all of you to remember, I am female and therefore can hardly be called a cuckold...and more importantly, please also remember, this is ONLY a story....pure fiction which though it arose from my thoughts I have never claimed it has happened, at least not to me.........

I hope this has cleared up a few points and will help those of you who come to read this later to enjoy the story all the more.

Once again, thank you for your comments
2008-09-22 02:27:45 My Son In Law Thank you for the comments posted below. It's always nice to know my efforts are enjoyed by others.
2008-09-22 02:30:31 A young guy. An older woman Ooops
2008-10-10 02:59:38 A young guy. An older woman Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to vote, more especially to those who have also added a comment. They are very much appreciated.