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2011-06-30 04:39:56 Playing With Fire - CAW 7 I'm so glad everyone has liked my story and are being supportive with my writings. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart. X
2011-07-04 04:57:16 Turn Out The Lights loved your story, very different. Dont listen to anonymous comments they dont have the bottle to put there name to it. So not worthy of your time to read then. <3
2011-07-04 19:20:38 Playing With Fire - CAW 7 I have started on a sequel, leave your x user name and i shall pm you once its is finished and uploaded. <3
2011-07-19 12:32:52 Playing With Fire - CAW 7 I am, as i write this comment also writing a sequel with more blood, sex, lust and envy that will have you at the edge of your chair! Check the forum for updates of when it shall be ready!
2012-02-12 19:20:07 CAW 10 *The Best Decision I Made* Could end up being true if he ever does cum to visit. Ill keep you lot up dated. X