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2009-10-11 02:32:22 A Very Difficult Daughter Big thank you from the author

To the comment just below.
Thanks for your kind comments – and to everyone else. I'm flattered that people make the effort and I do get a buzz to my ego from them. They make writing very worthwhile.

At some stages when I was writing I did think about bringing her in, but I became more interested to see how the love and the sex developed between Kylie and Jeff – I had no idea when I started. I did go this way in the trilogy “To save her daddy's life”. They're a long read.
At this stage I can't think of anything. Erotic stories need a first time element to them and without bringing in Sally or infidelity I can't see it.

Once again, I really appreciate all the kind comments.

Cheers, MT
2009-10-12 14:25:02 A Mother, a Daughter and a Sailor Thanks for the comment below, it's got me thinking.
I see what you mean about my men conforming to a pattern - except in Sally's Serious Mistake.
Might give it a try.

Thanks for the flattering comments

Mark Twayn
2009-10-12 16:26:54 A Very Difficult Daughter Good comments
This is a shorter version. I did write a longer one where it took Sally more time to adjust and where there was a poignant scene when Kylie was worried that Jeff would dump her at the end of the holiday.
But it was just too long, there was really no new sex to add without repetition and so I edited it.
But many thanks for your perceptive and flattering comments.

2009-10-13 23:38:32 A Very Difficult Daughter Hi
Too long? Obviously for some readers, but other have complained it ended abruptly. So it seems I can't please everyone.
Age 16
This has attracted a lot of comments as well and I may have goofed here. But I did want Kylie to be henpecked by her parents. Too much older and that wouldn't have worked.

Still, many thanks to you and and all the other who have commented.

2009-10-16 23:34:56 Let me lay down the law Ch. 0 + 1 + 2 It's a good story but so hard to read.
It's not a bad idea to keep paragraphs below 5 lines and double space between.
But hey, you've got talent