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Date Story title Comment
2011-05-24 13:43:37 Jake's Adventures: Part I Yes it is a real movie: a pretty good one at that. And yes, I was planning on involving the sister, don't worry. Part two is in the works.
2011-05-31 21:36:43 Jake's Adventures: Part II Sorry! Life happens. I should have another installment come next weeks. It will probably be a flashback between Kaylee and Amy since I don't know where I want to go with the main plot yet.
2011-07-12 21:35:37 Jake's Adventures: Part II Part three will be a prequel focusing on Kaylee and Amy (Teen Female/Teen Female). Part four will continue the story. When I have time I will write them.
2011-08-10 16:56:55 My sister's hot friends: Day two As the previous comments have mentioned, you should make the story longer. Find some type of plot, and incorporate it into the story so it's not just suck and fuck, suck and fuck...
2011-08-10 22:43:53 MY SISTER & THE EXCHANGE STUDENT PART 4 SWIMMING (missing pussy eating paragraph) To the Author: Don't copy and paste your own work as you see it in the edit page to make corrections. Authors always see quotation marks as ?'s, but when displayed the ?'s don't show up so copy and paste the published article not your copy.

Otherwise good job!