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2011-05-26 21:00:19 A History Lesson Typical uneducated comment. Most of the information came from research on the Web, Wikipedia etc.
Are you really too stupid to realise it's a piss take, or are you Jewish and busy denying that far more Jews than Nazis were involved in killing inmates at Auschwitz.
2014-06-13 13:05:27 A Victorian Pony Girl Pt 1 Obviously the person who wrote knows all about Lancashire in the 1870s, Idiot. Its fantasy not a bloody documentary.
2012-04-27 21:38:42 Not the worst story on here by a long way!
I'm not in to TV and gay stuff although I did try to write some really tongue in cheek stuff, hanging pedos by their bhollocks is my real fntasy but that said except your wrong word usage, two for town etc I think your stuff is really well written and Im sure guys will get themselves off to it. Mr I like to think of some girl wth the lap top in one hand and her dildo inn the other but hey.
Anyway keep posting man, don't give in to the trolls, some low life give everytyhing I do a negative as soon as it hits the web
My next tale is "Hanging Trolls by their bollocks from a overhead beam in Wa Mart.
2012-04-27 21:49:10 Becoming a Madam Part 1 Really good start, kinda short though?
2012-09-15 22:41:03 Training Rose Pts 1-8 What a weird world you live in Angie, I almost believed in it myself, can't wait to read more of your stories.