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2011-05-30 11:55:15 rich boys love 16 i am seriously considering not writting the rest of my story and delecting the parts i have wrote because i am sick to death of pervs messaging me stuff like wanna 3 sum or id fuck you and shit like that fuck off my life isnt all about sex seriously go find a hocker if you wanna get off
2011-05-30 13:21:38 rich boys love 16 im still deciding if i should carry on with my story or not

[personal statement] i am very very very happy with harvey i will not cheat on him ever specially not a for a quick fuck and me and harvey both agree we do not want a 3rd party when we have sex thank you but no thank you [have i made my self clear!!!]
2011-05-30 16:27:49 rich boys love 16 im considering not writting the rest
2011-05-30 18:54:26 rich boys love 16 reluctontly part 17 was just published
2011-05-30 19:07:30 rich boys love 17 haha if your thinking harvey mom bella looked like maralyn monrow she didnt her dress was floor length lol x