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2011-05-30 21:14:50 rich boys love 17 hey secret reader my heart goes out to you im sorry that your parent didnt understand that your sexuality isnt a choice that can be made your right i do have all them things but they dont mean anythink without love ive always said and harvey can back me up ive always said id close love or money any day chin up as you british say (i think your british?) if you ever want to talk just send me a message i will get back to you or you need any advice,help or just wanna let some steam off i'll listen and try help you out xxx
2011-05-30 21:52:15 rich boys love 17 hey im glad mine and harvey story means so much to you the same things goes for you if you ever need to talk just message me or harvey (as he just said standing for both of you) and we will help you though it much love xx
2011-05-30 22:01:54 rich boys love 16 closet case the reason i started writting my story is so people can see that being gay isnt such a bad thing and that there really is nice guys out there you just need to know where they are also the more i think about it and read the comments the more i see my story means something to you guys
2011-05-30 22:21:01 rich boys love 17 closetcase you filled me with a tear lol i will say this for you only come out when you are fully ready dont take a leap of faith until you certain that you are ready to be known as gay also you do no football in the usa is your rugbe right? lol x
2011-05-30 22:29:04 rich boys love 16 secret readder id like to make a statement to you there is no shame in being a virgin at any age no matter if your 1 to 100 it doesnt matter sex is a special thing that should only be done with in a loving partnership hence the title making love yes i maybe still only 18 but my eyes are wide open to peoples feeling emmotion and i truthly care about people (that my christain side) but even if i wasnt a christain (heven forbid) i would still help anyone out hence when i went to kyle's aid when he cut his hand all you gotta do is relax sex will come to you when its ment to your still younge and have plenty of time to find love then make love believe me x