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2012-06-09 20:27:53 richboy love 56 part 57 is now out did harvey sign the papers or didnt he?
2012-06-13 18:54:05 richboys love 57 its not my ending im writing untill 100 no matter what
2012-06-13 18:55:36 richboys love 57 im having a day where i feel so fucking ugly no matter that i wear or do so my hustband decides to put me infront of a mirror to feel worse about my self i want ice cream :(
2012-06-14 17:28:38 richboys love 57 im really sorry me and harvey both agree we wont give photos out and we are staying to that rule im srry
2012-06-14 19:13:00 richboys love 57 richboys love 58 is now out but be warned it gross its about me being sick after harvey has been really nice to me all day

what do you guys think i want a sign like Richboy$ love