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2012-06-15 19:04:47 rich boys love 58 IVE HAD MY CAR STOLEN
2012-06-15 19:11:41 rich boys love 58 im really really pissed off that is my car!!!!!!!!!!!! its an exstention of my sole if there is such a thing. i want my car back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you fucking bastards if you cant afford the fucking car it doesnt mean you can just take mine!!!!!
2012-06-16 01:04:10 rich boys love 58 Haha my parents basement are you for real my story is true thank you just sounds like your jellous because you haven't found love like mine
2012-06-16 09:14:16 rich boys love 58 Lol I'd rather be rich and a retard that a bitter little jerk don't read my story if you don't like it!
2012-06-18 04:58:59 rich boys love 58 Brian, me and Leon are all good. Leon however is still pissed about his car and I mean really pissed. Leon is also getting really getting upset being told he isn't going to be a dad. I on the other hand think WE are going to be fantastic dads. I mean what makes me so special for jacking off into a dish, I mean really. We are both going to be the babys parents and we will love him.