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2012-06-18 19:45:08 rich boys love 58 Maybe this person is right I don't have any right to be the babys dad
2012-07-05 07:24:53 rich boys love 58 Sorry we haven't been around it was my birthday and we are in China.
2012-07-22 21:11:36 rich boys love 58 Thanks Brian, we have exciting news me and harvey maybe moving to china
2012-07-28 19:36:57 rich boys love 58 rich boys love 59 is now out if you wanna read it lol i go away on holiday for 3 weeks and now my best friend hates me isnt that funny?
2012-08-10 19:15:54 rich boys love 59 Lol the funny moment when you tell your doctor you burned your back having a bath with your husband