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2011-05-29 18:55:15 rich boys love 14 ive just wrote part 15 on how i got hurt hope you guys find the time to read it and thank you all for being so intrested in my life it means alot xxx
2011-05-29 19:05:20 rich boys love 14 me and harvey are for ever mr(s) anonymos xxx
2011-05-29 19:10:57 rich boys love 14 hey i just read a private message i was sent whats a wank?
2011-05-29 19:26:34 rich boys love 14 im guessing that the word wank is a england-english frase? and closet case have you read part 15 yet you see what happens to me
2011-05-29 19:35:13 rich boys love 15 hey readers it's Harvey please don't be to harsh with your comments on this part of mine and Leon's life story because this is still a very upsetting part for Leon. FYI Leon cried writting this part. I don't think he got over it or ever will. i don't mean any disrespect when i ask you to please be nice on this part. Thank you