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2011-05-30 08:35:04 rich boys love 15 haha i thought my story was quite boring lol but thought i would tell it anyway and you guys really want more lol x
2011-05-30 10:10:38 rich boys love 15 rich boys love 16 was just published hope you enjoy reading
2011-05-30 10:15:20 Bless Me thats a really good poem sweetie xx
2011-05-30 11:07:24 Little Horny? wtf is this shit. You need to pay more attention to your tags because to me this reads as a story not a joke. Im just saying and you cheatted on your boy in my eyes that makes you a bit of a slag wouldnt you agree?
2011-05-30 11:49:55 rich boys love 16 who ever this is it isnt brit because she dont talk like that apart from saying baby boy so who ever you are fuck off because my story isnt all about sex thank you !!