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2012-04-05 23:52:13 Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 15: Angels Walk Amongst Us This is just awesome! I have to make sure not to check for the next chapter at a bad time cause I am going to read it till the end!
2012-05-04 09:41:50 Swinging in the Neighborhood chapter 20 Melissa Awaits I really liked this chapter, was a little upset to hear only one more chapter will be written as I enjoy it so so much. Thanks
2012-05-11 01:14:30 Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 21: Sherri Comes of Age and Troubles Follow Thank goodness there is to be more chapters, I cannot wait to see how things go. Don't forget we was supposed to know how Terri came back into your life. awesome awesome read, thank you.
2012-05-25 18:57:34 Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 23 Tempted By Angels absolutely loved it!
2012-06-29 02:51:52 Swinging in the neighborhood Chapter 27 Sherri Becomes an Disappointment super great awesome as always