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2011-05-27 09:17:49 Just Another Saturday Hi Babe! I found the story using my 'Google Foo'. :). I did NOT write it, I would have left out the anal and facial, and there would have been more intimacy between the couple, more touching and licking and sucking, among other things. I skimmed lots of stories looking for something that would work for you, most are pretty far out, but then again, they ARE fantasies. And we can't expect to find lots of stories written by strangers that match out private fantasies.
2011-05-27 09:20:24 Just Another Saturday What did I do after reading it? Well, I was pretty turned on, mainly because I thought this might work for you and was imagining you reading it late at night, all alone, getting hot and bothered and touching yourself. But I didn't masturbate, I keep telling you that I don't do that, that I'm saving myself for you. I can't tell you that I didn't touch my cock at all though, I'm not that strong.
2011-05-27 09:25:56 Just Another Saturday There were some things that I really liked about the story. I love how it was the wife who initiated the whole thing. You know I love it when you come up with ideas for us, I love for a woman to know what she wants and to go and get it. I hate the way our society stigmatizes women for exploring their sexuality, while at the same time celebrating the fact that men do it all the time. The twist at the end really surprised me, all along I was thinking the guy in the bushes was just watching. But then to find out he was filming them, wow, really hot! Fantasies should take you places you've never been and may never actually want to go, but imagine if a video of us fucking was posted on a sex site. Omg!